School Code - 14011

School Affiliation No -1780018

MS. Anjali Bhardwaj


"Each student has the opportunity to become a valuable and integral asset to our community"

School Counseling Guidance Program is driven to enhance students' academic, emotional and social learning, we provide services to support our students' for academic, Social /emotional growth and development as well as their career development.

My mission as the School Counselor is to be an advocate for each student by ensuring that each student has access to the counselor as a valuable resource. By promoting and enhancing social awareness, emotional learning and giving equitable access to academic growth, my goal is to make a significant positive impact in a student's life & to educate and empower children's to manage adolescent behavior so that they may be geared towards success Path.

Services provided to students that are available but not limited as a Counsellor

  • Conducts a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate guidance and counseling program.Individual and Small Group Counseling.
  • Collaborates with staff to support students.
  • Utilizes referral services and helps families and students to access community resources.
  • Provides guidance lessons to each class, works with identified groups of children with specific needs.
  • Provides brief individual counseling to:
  • Help students to develop positive interpersonal &relationship skills
  • Help students to set positive goals, exercise responsibility and improve academic& sports depending on interest & caliber.
  • Help with effective measures for preventive & crisis handling at emotional & Behavioral level.
  • To arrange career talks based on the development needs & to conduct special programmes by organizing activities.

"Teaching and counseling have the same goal--the best possible future for each and every student. I believe that both professions are laudable and worthy. Therefore, I am proud to have called myself a teacher, and now, I am proud to call myself a School Counsellor."

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters Compared to what lies within us."-Ralph Waldo Emerson